Woman Profile
Biographical Information
Name Woman
Real Name
Full Name Unknown
Nicknames Woman[1]
Known Aliases
Born  ???,
Arcadia Bay, Oregon
Cause of Death
Citizenship American
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Career Information
Occupation(s) Unknown
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance "Episode 2: Out of Time"[1] (Mentioned)
Last Appearance
Voice Actors Cissy Jones (unconfirmed)
Motion Capture

The Woman[1] is resident of Arcadia Bay.


"Out of Time"

When Max arrives into town from Blackwell Academy, she spots a woman and an Old Guy standing at the bus stop. Max notes that she looks pressed for time. Approaching the woman, Max states that she looks lost. The woman agrees, and asks if Max knows when the bus will be arriving as she cannot get the online schedule to work for.

Optionally, Max will tell her that she just arrived in town on the school bus, so it was a sure sign that standard bus would be arriving soon; or, Max can admit that she doesn’t know, but it runs pretty regularly. Stressed, the woman states that she cannot missed her job interview. She has to travel from Arcadia Bay out to Newport just to find a job. When Max asks if things in Arcadia Bay were as bad as she made them seem, the Woman inquired “where were things good?” and that she couldn’t afford to live in Arcadia Bay. Max wishes the woman luck before heading for Two Whales Diner.

"Chaos Theory"

"Dark Room"



  • If the player does not speak with the Woman and the Old Guy directly after getting off of the bus, they cannot speak with them after walking past them.


"Out of Time"


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