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Nathan Prescott[1]


Blackwell Academy[1]

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Nathan Prescott, Victoria Chase, Hayden Jones, Dana Ward, Juliet Watson

The Vortex Club is a clique within the private school of Blackwell Academy. Originally a haven for the bullied and alienated, the Vortex Club is now gathering place for the popular and is considered a major influence within Blackwell.



The Vortex Club was established during the 1980s. It was originally designed to be a safe haven for marginalized and bullied individuals who were harassed by the larger and more popular cliques within the private school's structure.[2]

From those who dyed their hair blue, boys who wore earrings or were targets for being dumped into garbage cans by football jockeys, the Vortex Club offered them a place to go outside the alienating environment of peer pressure.[2]


At some point, however, the mission statement of the Vortex Club changed. What was originally a group intended for those bereft of a welcoming atmosphere became a gathering place for the social elite and popular cliques of Blackwell, now represented by the likes of students like Victoria Chase and Nathan Prescott, both of whom are notorious for bullying and harassing students outside their cliques.[1]

The Vortex Club is advertised all over Blackwell Academy, inviting other students to join. The reputation of the Vortex Club is such as that it is likened to a cult by students outside of their circle. Yet, it is also considered a positive addition to one's résumé. Despite it's questionable attitudes, unpopular students still consider joining.[1]


Events of Life Is Strange






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