Victoria Entry

Victoria's Introduction page.

Victoria is the introduction entry for Victoria Chase, presented in Max's Journal. The entry is unlocked by default in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

Victoria Chase

Then there’s Victoria Chase, the elite of Blackwell Academy, and a total bitch. And I hate saying that. I just don't know why somebody who’s so rich and beautiful needs to be so fucking mean. 18 years olds at a prestigious academy should be evolving into artists and scholars... not reality show contestants. Victoria does everything for maximum drama. She actually wastes her time calling me out in class and taunting Kate Marsh.

For reals? I wish her parents could see her in action. They'd cut off that trust fund fast. Then again, she’s in the Vortex Club, and they seem to own the school, so maybe that’s why she doesn’t give a shit.

The odd thing is that she does know art and photography. She can even say all those French names that break my tongue. Her work is a little cold, but she has a good eye.

She also has an eye for Mr. Jefferson, which is so obvious that I’m embarrassed for her.

She does everything but sit in his lap. He keeps his distance though. We can all tell she’s trying to win the “Everyday Heroes” contest. I’m sure it drives her crazy when there’s somebody she can’t buy or seduce. Ha!


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