This article is about the standard Valet robot model. You may be looking for the Zorn, Nephilim or the Seraphim.
Valet Robot
Valvet Concept-01
Standard Valet Model
Established Unknown
Types Nephilim, Seraphim
Affiliation Avram Hesh Laboratories
Locations San-Michel District, La Bastille Fortress, Slum 404, Mnemopolis, Private property (protection detail)
Appearances Remember Me, Episode 0: Rebirth/Reboot, Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit, Episode 2: Macrowave

"If you should desire to file a complaint, my identification has been saved by your Sensen terminal"
—Red Valet Robot[1]

The Valet Robot is multi-purpose humanoid robot designed by Avram Hesh Laboratories[2], an affiliate of Memorize.


The Valet Robot was created with the intention of carrying out "thankless" menial tasks and labor. From domestic housework to street cleaning, Valet Robots have a multitude of purposes for any given user.[3] In multiple instances around Neo-Paris's seedier areas of Deep and Mid-Paris, Valet Robots are used for sexual purposes and favors.[4][5]

Valet Robots are used especially for military purposes, often redesigned to fit the criteria of their tasks. The Valvet were designed with a human silhouette and faces. Their designs are tailored to the specific tastes of their owners or professions.[3]

Valet Robots are programmed with minimal artificial intelligence with no real indication of sentience. Valets are capable of inquiring about the status of human[1] and have been programmed to never attack or injure humans under any circumstances.[2] As a product of mass production, Valet Robots are relatively cost-efficient to construct.[2]



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