Type: Neo-Paris landmarks
Subject: The Nymphéa
Chapter: Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Can be found: As you enter the crashed, burned out, subway train, take a right and enter the drivers compartment, the collectable is on the right hand side of this compartment.
Transcript: The Nymphéa is probably the most famous warship to be converted into a hospital. This treatment center gained international recognition in just a few years, specializing in the treatment of memoriel disturbances under the direction of Dr. Sebastian Quaid.

The origin of hospital ships dates back to the European Civil War (2040-2047), a time when devastated countries were in urgent need of mobile field hospitals with a range of clinical facilities to treat physical and psychological traumas. The use of warships quickly caught on, and in Europe roughly 30 ships of different sizes were converted, mainly corvettes and patrol ships, along with five frigates and two cruisers. In 2020 one of these cruisers became the famous Neo-Paris hospital ship, "Nymphéa". Disarmed after the civil war, she was towed to the center of Paris, moored near the Ile de la Cité and became a public center for post-traumatic rehabilitation.

At the time Neo-Paris was founded (2053), the Nymphéa was the only hospital still in operation from the era of the former capital, now under total reconstruction. In 2070 Dr. Sebastian Quaid created a research and treatment unit here for memoriel disturbances financed by Memorize and other charitable bodies. The various surgical and treatment services had been moved to new hospitals over the years, and the ship is now a specialist research center for memoriel afflictions.

The Nymphéa can now provide patients with the very best care procedures, the direct result of Dr. Quaid’s pioneering research, and is proud of its recovery rate of over 75%. Every day the teams improve the techniques for treating the memoriel traumas characteristic of the Sensen civilization.

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