Type: Neo-Paris history
Subject: Leaper
Chapter: Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Can be found: Just after Scaramech 1 you will walk down to stone staircases, at the bottom of the second stone staircase turn right to face a shop front with some shutters down (the shop is called Bodywork and paint.) The collectable is on the floor beneath the shutters.
Transcript: This contribution was considered biased by the majority of viewers.

The first documented sightings of Leapers dated from 2073. Several theories emerged down the years to explain the origin of their mutation (pollution, biological warfare, genetic accident, radiation, etc.), but none of these were officially accepted to explain their existence… What a load of crap!

The authorities insisted they were hiding in the darkest and most dangerous areas of cities, and used this argument to justify their policy of repression, but they were looking at the problem from the wrong angle! Leapers didn’t appear in the poorer districts, nor were they the result of appalling sanitary conditions: Leapers went to those dangerous areas because they had nowhere else to go!

Every inhabitant of Neo-Paris had heard of a neighbor, friend or colleague who had started showing signs of "Leaperization" before disappearing altogether. This illness clearly spread in a way that was still not understood, and the filth was moving everywhere; even to the wealthy districts.

The epidemic was raging! Wake up, Neo-Paris!

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