October 11 Storm-03

Max watches the tornado over the bay.

The “Storm of October 11, 2013” is an event foreseen by Max Caulfield four days before its actual occurrence.[1][2]


During the events of October 7, 2013, Max experiences her first “vision” of the storm during her photography class with Mark Jefferson. Confused about where she was, she moved through the stormy environment near the lighthouse where she assumed she’d be safe. When she reached the top of the cliff where the lighthouse resided, Max witnesses a tornado that appeared to form over the bay and was approaching the city of Arcadia Bay.[1]

Max, unsure that what she witnessed was even real, was eventually convinced when she experienced the vision again following her reunion with Chloe Price. Stuck in the vision of the storm again, she follows the faded silhouette of a Doe who lead her back up the trail toward the lighthouse. Avoiding obstacles, she eventually reached the top and approached a newspaper from the Independant dated October 11, 2013, four days from the day she was reading it. Overlooking the bay again, she watched as the tornado grew closer until she was pulled out of her vision by Chloe’s hand on her shoulder.[1]

The following day, October 8, 2013, Max’s visions of the storm become shorter, but are incredibly violent. They appeared to coincide with quick and repeated use of her rewind abilities while with Chloe Price. Chloe speculates that the storm and her Max’s powers are connected to each other.[2]





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