"Stay at home! Trust Sensen to know what is best for your well being. Because together, we can survive and overcome! Maps and locations of Sensen users homes are uploaded to the police mainframe for response and protection measures. If they know where you are, then we can project you."

The Stay At Home Experiment (abbreviated SAHE, and alternatively known as the Stay at Home Project) was type of curfew established for the citizens of Paris during the European Civil War.


After the Vienna Atrocity, the French government sought new ways to maintain control of the populace during the riots that flamed out into the European Civil War. Desperate to save as many lives as possible, Antoine Cartier-Wells decided to cooperate with the military and allowed his Sensation Engine to be used for military purposeless.[1]

One of the methods Cartier-Wells used to keep the public safe in their homes and from participating in the riots tearing the country down, was the "Stay at Home Project", which utilized the Sensen in conjunction with the present social media.[1]

Those who subcribed to Memorize through tablets, television or computers, were distracted by current events. However, the SAHE also allowed the beginnings of the S.A.B.R.E. Force to monitor and track individuals to and from their homes as a means of "protection".[1] The project was considered a success, with dozens of lives spared thanks to the indirect surveillance of the people using Sensen.


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