Remember Me Weapons
The Spammer
Concept art of the Spammer
Spammer (Weapon)
Wielder Nilin Cartier-Wells
Kid X-Mas
Creator Kid X-Mas (alleged)
Weapon Stats
Damage 12[1]
Spammer Gauge Cost 15[1]
Focus Gained 4[1]
Control Input

PC Punch Spammer (PC)
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PS3 L1 + PS3 R1 (PS3)
Trigger left + Trigger right (360)

Unlocked Episode 2: Macrowave after defeating Kid X-Mass in boss fight
Game Remember Me (video game)

The Sppammer is a hacking weapon used by Kid X-Mas[2] against Memory hunters like Nilin Cartier-Wells. Nilin acquires the Spammer after she defeats Kid X-Mas.[2]

Official Description

"Invented by Kid X-Mas, the Spammer shoots data bursts that stun and damage opponents Sensens. During fight, Nilin can use the Spammer to shoot at enemies. During exploration, Nilin can use the Spammer to interact with switches. The Spammer (and Junk Bolt) can only be used when the Spammer Gauge isn't empty. This gauge automatically refills as the Spammer costs. The orange Spammer gauge contains 250 points of energy and each Spammer shot consumes 15. In combat, Spammers are helpful for shooting Leapers off of walls and for use against robots."
—Strategy Guide[1]



The Spammer is said to have been created by Ulf Hansen (Kid X-Mas), however, the veracity of his claims and "bragging rights" are questionable.[3] His over-reliance on the Spammer and minimal use of the have led many of his followers to believe that he had become lazy.[3]

Events of Remember Me

Kid X-Mas uses the Spammer as a final ditch effort to defeat Nilin during their battle on a rooftop of the Saint-Michel District. Nilin, however, was able to defeat him and acquired the Spammer shortly after Overloading Kid X-Mas's Senwall.


The Spammer shoots data bursts and streams that stun and damage any enemy type's Senwall. Nilin can also use the Spammer to explore the environment more, destroying structural weaknesses spotted. Like the Pick-Socket, the Spammer can interact particular interfaces through any given environment. The Spammer can only be used when the Spammer Gauge is not empty. The gauge automatically refills during the Spammer cool down from its usage.