Type: Technology
Subject: Spammer
Chapter: Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Can be found: In the first section of the minefield during Johnny's second Remembrane
Transcript: Allegedly invented by Kid X-Mas, Spammers project pulsed data flows to the trigger nerve and electrical overloads by information saturation. They may even weaken the structure of certain common building materials.

Famous for his arrogance, Kid X-Mas boasted that he designed and perfected the best tools and techniques for attack Memory hunters. But should his relentless bragging to be taken as gospel truth? Even if he hadn't invented the Spammer, the Kid would still deserve the respect of the public and his fans for this weapon's impressive array of features that combines simplicity, inventiveness, and lethal efficiency.

In addition to devastating effects on Sensen circuits and the victims neural network, the Spammer has some surprising effects on nano-material like the popular 3C (Coherent Core Combat). But these materials are found everywhere today, from building structures to precision tooling to high quality top-of-the-range furnishings and aeronautical vehicles. The actual extent of these effects is unknown, but the pulsed data flow emitted by the Spammer may interfere with the nanometric structures of polymers.

Paradoxically, the Spammer, Kid's favorite weapon, could be what wrecks his media career. Some observers say the former prodigy relies less and less on his Memory Hunting abilities, preferring to relax and use his Spammer's unassailable power to win contests. No risk. No glory!

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