Type: Neo-Paris landmarks
Subject: Slum 404
Chapter: Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Can be found: After climbing over a large advert for Jax the Panda and reaching the next platform beyond it, turn to the left to see a mattress, table and armchair the collectable is on the table.
Transcript: Born out of the ruins of the civil war, Slum 404 is a vast, partially flooded shanty town that has emerged from the rubble of a Paris devastated by Tremora bombs.

Slum 404 is one of the ravaged districts still to be renovated, sometimes known as “Deep Paris”. The inhabitants of Slum 404 endure harsh living conditions in this chaotic urban environment, with filthy, unsafe buildings and a deprived population often in a state of extreme psychological and social distress.

Geographically, Slum 404 is a maze of islands and terraces separated by chasms formed by landslides and linked by a network of walkways. Transport in the slum is mainly by boat along the canals formed by the various locks that separate the area. The water is rarely treated and contains a host of pathogens and toxic substances; the appalling sanitary conditions in the depths of the slum dramatically reduce the life expectancy of its residents.

Some neighborhoods high above the rubble and detritus are better organized and are now flourishing living spaces. The most striking of these must be the plateau, home of "The Leaking Brain" bar, an establishment famous way beyond the boundaries of Slum 404, and where it’s not unusual to meet more affluent citizens out for some dangerous thrills.

The disturbing "Leapers" lurk deep in the abandoned tunnels and flooded passageways left over from the pre-war era. No one dares to venture down here except those who have lost their minds or memory junkies who are near death. According to neighborhood legend, this is where the old hermit from Slum 404, Johnny Greenteeth, is holed up. Some have said that, on nights when the toxic fumes rise up from the pits, they carry the hermit’s moans and cries to the slum above.

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