AV48S Seraphim Concept-02
Types Valet Robot[1]
HP 350
PMP Gain 100
Overload[2] No
Pressen Hits[3] None
Regen Pressen[4] None
Ring Out No
Sensen Fury[5] No
Sensen DOS[6] Yes
Basic Attacks Energy Bolt (10% damage)
Special Attacks Defense Shield (10% damage)
Strengths Flight, evasion tactics
Weaknesses Sensen DOS
Affiliation Avram Hesh Laboratories, S.A.B.R.E. Force
Locations Mnemopolis
La Bastille
Appearances Remember Me, Episode 4: Panoptic Icon

The AV-48S Seraphim[7] is an uncommon enemy-type encountered in Remember Me.[8][9]


A military-type Valet Robot created by Avram Hesh Laboratories, the Seraphim was designed to be a security A.I. charged with "crowd control". Arial enemies, they were designed with a thin silhouette akin to that of a wasp (which is complemented by their black and orange scheme) and have the ability to levitate, unlike their counterpart, the Nephilim. Seraphim keep their distance from the likes of their target and attack from above.[9]

Like the Nephilim and Zorn, the Seraphim work against the Three Laws of Robotics, as they were designed with the sole purpose of dealing with aggressive actions, often reacting with violent suppression tactics.[9]


Seraphim's are perhaps the hardest enemies to avoid during active combat. When Nilin is engaged with other enemies, such as the S.A.B.R.E. Force units, both standard and elite types, the Seraphim has free reign to attack the player from above without immediate consequence. The player's best bet is to avoid its attacks with well timed dodges.[10]

When given the opportunity, players should use the Spammer and the Junk Bolt. Do not hit the Seraphim right away when its shield its activated. Instead fire at the shield with the Junk Bolt and wait for the shield to disperse before opening fire with the Spammer.[10]

You can defeat the Seraphim with two Junk Bolt shots, however, it would be advantageous to use the S-Pressen Rust in Pieces. Rust in Pieces will turn the Seraphim against other enemies before it eventually self-destructs. Rust in Pieces can be used against the Seraphim even when their shield is up. The Seraphim is an advantageous ally against S.A.B.R.E. Force units except the Elite Enforcer and Heavy Elite Enforcer, who's electric armor will destroy the Seraphim when it attacks them head-on.[10]



Concept Art


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