Max Journal-05

September 3, 2013 (cont'); September 4, 2013: Warren Graham

September 4, 2013 is the sixth entry presented in Max's Journal in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

September 4

I have an assload of homework already. So much bullshit. At least give us noobs a day to acclimate. But, to prove I’m not a total loser, I made a new friend in my science class. His name is Warren Graham and he’s a serious geek, plus he’s dark and witty.

He comes across as kind of a know-it-all, but it turns out he does kind of know a lot. We talked about photographers, and he actually named a few I'd never heard of. We traded numbers and he’ll be a good study partner (or a good friend). I’ll need at least one based on the clique action here. I thought being 18 meant I didn’t have to deal with this teenage drama anymore. I THOUGHT.

At least I get to research famous photographers for some of my homework. Mr. Jefferson assigned us a ton of reading, but this is exactly what I want to study. Jefferson is supercool and superchill.

He doesn’t try to be too hip, just says what he thinks and expects us to as well. I think he’s a genius. OMG I WANT TO MARRY HIM. Just joking. This class is worth all the social dysfunction.


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