Max Journal-04

September 2 and 3, 2013: Arrival at Blackwell and Bad First day.

September 2, 2013, 12:07AM is the fourth entry presented in Max's Journal in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

September 2, 2013, 12:07AM

My first entry from my new dorm room the night before my first day at Blackwell. Whew! I haven’t had any time to write or even take pictures since I got here. My shit is in boxes all over the room, which is small, but mine, and I never want to leave. I can’t wait to decorate! I plan a whole wall o’ photos. I did meet some of my dorm mates, tho I suck at remembering names so I won’t bother right now. But I think I can already see who’s going to be cool to me and who’s not. It’s a bitch trying to get settled into a new school and social scene after I finally found good friends in Seattle.

But I’m here now and this is the start of my new life.
Sweet dreams.


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