"Remember to Live. Live to Remember."
Remember Me - Memorize01:52

Remember Me - Memorize

The Sensen Commercial was an advertisement distributed by Memorize to promote the October 2084 release of the Sensation Engine.[1] The ad uses the accounts of survivors of the European Civil War and Mid Paris civilian as an emotional pinpoint to sell its product.


Old Woman: After our boat sank, I was the only refugee to reach the shore. I held my husband’s hand until the very last second. I can still feel the nails of his fingers sticking into mine. You know?
Girl: The first night he said to me, “let’s share our memories!” I remember I was sort of afraid, but, then he smiled and we hit the switch together, and then… I felt everything! For the first time, I was living all of his love for me. It felt so warm and so strong that it almost hurt. For the last three years, everyday has been our first day. [laughs]
Man: The weather was so hot that day. The street stank of this awful smell of burning plastic. I walked with the other children across town until we were outside of Paris. No one fired. The war was over. I don’t know if I’ll ever find the courage to give these memories to my son. But I’m relieved to know that they are all safe and secure.
Old Woman: Thanks to my sensen, I chose to remember every defining moment of my life. The good ones and the bad. Thanks to my sensen, my husband lives on. Here [points to chest] and here [points to senwall]
Remember to Live. Live to Remember.
Available October 2084



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