Sean Prescott
Sean Prescott Profile
Biographical Information
Name Sean Prescott
Real Name
Full Name Sean Prescott
Known Aliases
Cause of Death
Family Nathan Prescott (son),
Kristine Prescott (daughter),
Harry Aaron Prescott (relative),
Martin Lewis Prescott (relative)
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color
Hair Color Brown (graying)
Career Information
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance "Episode 2: Out of Time" (mentioned)[1]
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
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Sean Prescott is the father of Nathan Prescott and the co-owner of Blackwell Academy.



A member of the wealthy Prescott Family, Sean Prescott provided Blackwell Academy the federal housing for students that lived on-campus in 1998 through the Prescott Foundation.[2][note 1]

During Blackwell's 2013 Fall semester Sean's son, Nathan, was repeatedly reported at Blackwell for class disturbances, erratic and destructive behavior.[note 2] When the school faculty attempted to contact Nathan's family about seeking possible help for Nathan's apparent mental problems, Sean Prescott repeatedly threatened to cut the funding to the school for "lying" and attempting to slander the Prescott family's name through his son.[3][note 3]


When Max arrives at the Prescott Dormitory grounds, she spots a commemorative plaque dedicated to Sean Prescott for the foundation of the dormitory at Blackwell.[2]

"Out of Time"

Following Max Caulfield’s account to the Principal Wells about Nathan wielding a gun in the girls bathroom, Max receives a text from Nathan’s father from a private number. Checking the text, Sean states that any further attempts to “slander and blackmail” his son with be met with “many lawyers” and “legal ramifications”.[1]

He goes on to explain that Max is not the first student whose attacked his son’s character, but hopes she is the last. He ended the message with a second text reading, “consider this a polite final warning”.[1]

"Chaos Theory"

If Nathan was suspended on the word of Max, who believed he drugged Kate Marsh, word of his suspension reaches his father. Sean informed his son that he may end up working for the family on account of his behavior. An angry Nathan sent his friend, Victoria Chase, an e-mail bemoaning the ill-informed decision his father may make on his behalf.

When trying to secure the keys to Frank Bowers's mobile home, Max attempts to goad Nathan into a panic with information she learned from Officer Berry. Max tells Nathan that she heard that Frank and Nathan were being watched by the police, as per the request of Sean. Nathan, however, denies any such thing. Max prods further about Sean, and Nathan assumes that she merely wants to know so she could pretend to care about him. He tells her that his father was an asshole. When Max offers to help him, Nathan tells her to mind her business.


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