Type: Neo-Paris VIPs
Subject: Scylla Cartier-Wells
Chapter: Episode 5: Headshot
Can be found: On the floor in the hallway beyond the apartment after stealing Gabriel Trace's memory.
Transcript: A pure product of “brains hothouse” funded by Memorize, Simrin “Scylla” Sial was always destined to make her career in this prestigious multinational. After her marriage to Charles Cartier-Wells, she quickly rose up the ranks to the top of this most powerful privately owned company, which she proceeded to rule with an iron rod.

Born in 2037 in Delhi to an Indian father and an Ethiopian mother, Simrin Sial grew up in a wealthy family of IT experts who were employed at Memorize. Her difficult personality prompted her father to nickname her “Scylla”, an alias that stuck and which she would formally adopt as her first name.

Scylla Sial upheld the family tradition of studied computer science at the brains hothouse in Delhi founded by Antoine Cartier-Wells. She followed her father to Neo-Paris where he was transferred in 2052, when the multinational moved its head office back to the renovated capital. Here, she met Charles Cartier-Wells, a young and brilliant scientist who was researching the mechanics of memory digitalization. She joined his team as an assistant in 2056 and they married the following year.

After the birth of her first child, she remained her husband’s assistant until 2064, when she lost her leg in a serious car accident. After several months of rehabilitation and physical reconstruction, she returned to work at the Memorize head office and joined the Executive Board in spring 2066. Exactly two years after her accident she was appointed to CEO, the supreme head of the company; a position she still holds.

A woman of few words and a little time for social niceties, Scylla Cartier-Wells forged her image as a woman totally dedicated to her work and her company. Under her leadership, Memorize become the most famous and prosperous powerhouse in the world.

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