Type: Neo-Paris landmarks
Subject: Saint-Michel dam
Chapter: Episode 5: Headshot
Can be found: After jumping off the light shade in the now trashed St Michel Rotunda, climb up on to the balcony and turn to the right, continue right through the open gate and you will find the collectable In front of you on the floor.
Transcript: An immense work of art, the Saint-Michel dam contains a vast mass of water known as Lake Saint-Louis. It represents the pinnacle of a huge construction project designed to control the erratic tides of the river water in the Neo-Paris basin.

Erected in the early 2060s; it is a system of dams, locks and reservoirs protecting the buildings and citizens of Neo-Paris from the damaging effects of flooding and rainwater. The Saint-Michel dam is at the heart of this fluvial structure and holds 65% of the total mass of water that is contained in the city artificially. This large-scale structure dominates the Saint-Michel quarter, protecting a substantial area of Mid-Paris.

The Lake Saint-Louis extends upstream of the Saint-Michel dam, and the most wretched areas of Deep Paris are located along its banks. The lake separates the most insalubrious zones (Slum 404) from the affluent districts (Saint-Michel). Further east, it surrounds La Bastille, sealing it off from the rest of the city.

Besides allowing the authorities to control the water levels, the Saint-Michel dam also serves as a hydroelectric facility, and generates a significant amount of power for the city.

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