Type: Neo-Paris landmarks
Subject: Saint-Michel comfortress
Chapter: Episode 2: Macrowave
Can be found: You will jump to a ledge on the side of a building with a glass roof below you and alternating electric lines above you. Make your way along the side of this building until you reach a pipe, now continue moving along the building to the right until you are positioned above a balcony. Drop down on to this balcony and find the collectable on the floor by some potted plants.
Transcript: Home to the head offices of the largest corporations in Neo-Paris, the Saint-Michel comfortress is a sumptuous residential project in the center of a historic "quartier" that offers its residents luxury, tranquility and security.

Located in the heart of a Haussmann district from which its name derives, the Saint-Michel comfortress is a vast, high-security residential complex that houses a large number of the most sophisticated and affluent people in Neo-Paris. The most prestigious and famous companies have their head offices here, including Memorize, Avram-Hesh Laboratories and Diktat.

The high density of VIPs living in the complex requires exceptionally high security measures, and the comfortress is patrolled by powerful robot systems, "drones", capable of sealing the district off from intruders. Without warning, these machines have the power to intercept any unauthorized individual from entering the comfortress. This measure, sometimes considered too severe, is viewed as essential largely due to the particular topography of Neo-Paris. As the city was devastated by Tremora bombs during the civil war, its mosaic reconstruction pattern has placed the rich residential districts alongside "no-go" areas still to be rebuilt (the picturesque and dangerous districts known as "Deep Paris").

The residents of the comfortress have all the amenities of the nearby streets and the typical beauty of Haussmann’s old Paris: cafés, fashionable boutiques, exhibition spaces etc., all offering an elegant mix of a historic district of old Paris and "arcological" structures that are both stylish and accessible.

Kaori Sheridan, the famous architect behind the regeneration of the district, is among many of the new city’s "movers and shakers" who have come to live in the comfortress. "After all," she said "When I designed it, I also had myself in mind!"

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