Type: Technology
Subject: SAT Patches
Chapter: Episode 6: Rotten Core
Can be found: In Nilin's former cell, beyond the experimental laboratories
Transcript: S.A.T. technologies have turned the use of automated care systems, access to patient profiling, and administering of nano-agents into routine procedures.

SomAgenT or S.A.T. technology was the result of a change in the medical paradigm arising from three developments:

  1. Automation of non-surgical procedures (S.A.T. terminals and stations)
  2. Profiling of patients monitoring (resilience factor)
  3. Extensive, authorized range of preventive and curative nano-technologies

S.A.T. terminals evolved out of these developments, and automated systems are now commonly used throughout Neo-Paris offering subscribers a full diagnostic and care service. Depending on the medical need (wound, inflammation, poisoning, fracture, migraine, etc.), the terminal administers a nano-flow of somatic agents into the client's body to restore the correct level of physical performance treating any condition that doesn't require serious surgical intervention quickly and painlessly.

The authorities recently increased the distribution of S.A.T. stations across the city for the less fortunate citizens. The system is restricted to first aid services. but despite its limitations (the system has no record of the patient's medical history), the S.A.T. station dispenses an anonymous, free service which is accessible everywhere and which could be vital in an emergency.

Applications were developed outside the public sphere to permanently boost an individual's resilience factor by flooding their body with restorative nano-agents. Dubbed "S.A.T. patches." the applications were developed for the exclusive use of the S.A.B.R.E. Force, but are also available on the black market.

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