Kate Marsh Room

Max studies Kate's vandalized whiteboard.

Room 222[1] is a location in Prescott Dormitory's Girls Dormitory.



Room 222 is Kate Marsh's room, situated next to Room 221, Victoria Chase's room. When Max enters the girls Dormitory, she notices that Kate's whiteboard has been vandalized with the message, "WILL BANG 4 JESUS lololol". Optionally, Max has the choice of leaving the message on the whiteboard despite her disagreement with it, or erasing the message and replacing it with a peace sign.[1]

"Out of Time"

When Max is allowed to enter Kate's room, she noticed that her whiteboard had been vandalized with a similar message as the one she may of erased. Erasing it again, she enters Kate's bedroom to find a the room dimly lit. Kate closed the blinds of her windows and hid the mirrors of her room with sheets of fabric.[2]

Inspecting her room further, Max discovers photographs of Kate with Stella Hill, Alyssa, her mother, her father, Lynn Marsh and other sister. Other mementos included her violin, posters promoting abstinence and Kate's drawings.[2]


  • When Max regards the second of two drawings that belong to Kate, she likens the second (a plain sketch) to the works of H. R. Giger, who is known for his work on the original Alien directed by Ridley Scott.[2]




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