Max's Room-06

Max studies the drawing on her whiteboard.

Room 219[1] is a location in Prescott Dormitory's Girls Dormitory.



Room 219 is Max Caulfield's room. Max enters her bedroom with the intention of retrieving Warren Graham's flash drive so that she could meet him in the Blackwell Academy Parking Lot. However, she discovered a post it note from Dana Ward, explaining that she had taken the flash drive to watch the movie downloaded onto it.

"Out of Time"

The following day, Max's is room is vandalized as consequence, either for reporting Nathan Prescott to Principal Ray Wells or his discovering that she was in the bathroom, and alternatively, making fun of Victoria Chase after she is covered in paint when the paint can Max tampers with falls from the scaffolding used by the janitor Samuel.[2]

Her room, a relative mess from her research for quantum physics and time travel, was made worse by a vandal whom she was assumed was Nathan Prescott. She had to look through her mess to find Kate Marsh's copy of The October Country before exiting the room to see Kate.[2]

Before or after she exits her room, Max realized her whiteboard was also vandalized and received anonymous threat from an unknown caller, who warned her to remain silent about what she knew. Max assumes the message came from Nathan, but reconsidered, believing it would be anyone.[2]


Interacting with various highlighted objects in Max's room, expands on established details of her life revealed in the her journal and inner thoughts. Picking up her guitar, Max will play the entirety of "Crosses" by Jose Gonzalez[1] and "Something Good" by Alt-J. [2] Laying on the bed will trigger another reflective moment similar to the ones at the front of Blackwell Academy's fountain and the nearby tree.




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