Dana's Room-03

Dana sits on her bed inside her bedroom.

"Stomp 'em bigfoots!"
—Dana's whiteboard[1]

Room 218[1] is a location in Prescott Dormitory's Girls Dormitory.


Room 218 is Dana Ward's room. After Max Caulfield arrives in the Girls Dormitory, exits her bedroom just as Juliet Watson exits Dana's room and locks her inside. Juliet accused Dana of sexting her boyfriend, Zachary on the word of Victoria Chase.

Suspecting that Victoria was lying, Max entered her room and printed out the e-mail that proved her right.[1] Once Juliet unlocked the door and apologized to Dana, Max entered the room to retrieve Warren Graham's flash drive. Scattered throughout Dana's room were telltale signs that she had been pregnant at one point. If Max finds her home pregnancy test and rewinds time, Dana admits that she was pregnant but got an abortion.




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