Max studies the Redrum message on Stella's whiteboard.

"Room 217? No way in hell am I ever going in there."

Room 217[1] is a location in Prescott Dormitory's Girls Dormitory.


Room 217 is Stella Hill's room. When Max Caulfield arrives in the Girls Dormitory, she regards the door number and "Redrum" phrase on the whiteboard and recognizes both as a reference to the The Shining. She makes a note to never enter that room.[1]

Kelly Davis

When Rachel Amber was attending Blackwell Academy, a girl called Kelly Davis was staying in room 217 which is the room directly opposite Rachel Amber's former room, and next door to Dana Ward's room. However, Rachel, Kelly and Dana's names are only visible in the dormitory floor plan that appears in Max's nightmare[2] when she inhabits the clothing of Rachel Amber, and may be not accurate.


  • The message on Stella's whiteboard, "Redrum" is a anagram for "Murder". It is a reference to the Stephen King's novel, The Shining. Her room number, "217", is a reference to the original room number in the novel that was replaced with "237" in the film adaptation.[3]
  • In the Dark Room, there is a red binder labeled with the name "Kelly".[1] While it's likely the "Kelly" in question is Kelly Davis, the latter is merely speculation and never confirmed.



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