Max studies the message on Nathan's Prescott's whiteboard.

Room 111[1] is a location in Prescott Dormitory's Boys' Dormitory.


Room 111 is Nathan Prescott's room, located across from Room 109, Warren Graham's room. When searching for evidence from Nathan about Kate's whereabouts after the October 4 Vortex Club party, Max breaks into this room using a fire extinguisher. Max comes across several disturbing items in the room, including a picture of dead birds, a photo Nathan took of Chloe when he drugged her, and an email from Sean Prescott implying that he knows about the upcoming Storm of October 11, 2013[1][note 1]. Other potentially disturbing items in the room include items from one of the shrines to Kate (if she died), one of Max's photos (if Max reported Nathan's gun), and a photo of an injured Pompidou (if Max threw a bone in the road).

After Max finds nothing substantive on Nathan's laptop, she notices skid marks next to Nathan's couch. Looking behind it, she finds and takes Nathan's burner phone, which he used for drug deals and communication with someone mentoring him. After Max takes the phone, she gives it to Chloe, and shortly afterwards a fight ensues between Nathan and Warren.





"Dark Room"


  1. "This shithole town is going to get an enema along with a fresh brand."


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