Science Lab-01

Max in the Science Class.

Room 104 (also known as the Science Class[1] and Science Lab[2]) is a location in Blackwell Academy.


Room 104 is the location of the science class, taught by Michelle Grant.[1] Max Caulfield, Brooke Scott and Warren Graham are students in Ms. Grant's class, Warren is one of her highest graded students.[3]

Events of Life Is Strange

When Max goes to meet Warren in the science lab, she speaks with Ms. Grant about her petition to stop Blackwell from adopting private security surveillance.[2] She may also speak with Brooke about her drone, which was taken by Ms. Grant on grounds for spying. Speaking with Warren, Max may help him with his chemistry experiment.

Later that night, after consulting Warren on the phone about how to make a homemade bomb, Max heads for the science classroom to retrieve two of the following items: sugar and sodium chlorate. In the science room, she finds a book with information regarding sodium chlorate's status as a weed killer, a fact Warren omitted when sending her the textual directions on how to make a bomb. She later leaves the science classroom and enters the art class.[4]




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