Mark Jefferson classroom-01

Mr. Jefferson and his students in the art classroom.

Room 102 (also known as Art Class[1][2]) is a location in Blackwell Academy.


Room 102 is the location of the art class, where photographer Mark Jefferson teaches photography lessons.[1][2] Max Caulfield, Kate Marsh and Victoria Chase are among a few of the students that attend Mr. Jefferson's photography class in Room 102.

Events of Life Is Strange

When Max learns she has the ability to control time, she experiences a nightmare that ends with her death. She wakes up in the classroom during Mr. Jefferson's lecture on the history of photography. When she takes a selfie of herself with her Polaroid camera, Mr. Jefferson asks her to identify the pioneer of a particular photographic self portrait. When is unable to provide him an answer, Victoria Chase answers with Louis Daguerre.[1]

When Max prevents the death of Chloe Price at the hands of Nathan Prescott in the girls bathroom, Max is given the opportunity to provide Mr. Jefferson with the right answer. From there she begins to use her rewind ability to her advantage.

The following day, Max speaks with Mr. Jefferson about Kate Marsh's situation with the viral video recording of her at a Vortex Club party. Hers and Mr. Jefferson's conversation is cut short by a phone Jefferson has to take.[2]

Following the end of his conversation on the phone, he enters the class room and attempts to begin the lesson of the day proper. However, it is interrupted by the commotion triggered by the knowledge that Kate Marsh was attempting to kill herself by jumping off the girls dorm rooftop.[2]

Later that night, after consulting Warren on the phone about how to make a homemade bomb, Max heads for the art class to retrieve one of four following items: duct tape. Max mentions that she remembered that Mr. Jefferson had them using duct tape at some point and found it nearest to the desk where Victoria and Taylor usually sat.[3]





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