Type: Technology
Subject: Remembrane
Chapter: Episode 2: Macrowave
Can be found: On the table in the kitchen of the fancy apartment
Transcript: The remembrane is a technique used for the virtual projection of a digitized fragment of a memory using augmented reality. The memory is played at the same speed and scale in situ.

Remembrane technology was first developed by the S.A.B.R.E. Force to reconstruct certain crime scenes by tapping into the memory of witnesses or suspects. The digital memory is converted into images projected directly into the user's Sensen in the form of a 3D reconstruction of the event, which is then played in front of their eyes.

It was during the Gansberg affair (the famous sculptor and his family were murdered in their residence in the New-Belleville comfortress)that research began into the virtual projection of a memory. On the decision of the prosecutor, and despite public protests from relatives and many religious leaders, the digitized memory of the four victims was input into the Sensen to copy their last memories. Investigators in the case carried out a manipulated projection of the last moments of each victim in the house, and were able to determine that the mother killed her children and husband before killing herself.

Spurred on by this success, the criminal division of the S.A.B.R.E. Force decided to implement this technique systematically, and developed the protocol that became known as the remembrane. The latest versions of this program can now reproduce sound.

Gases of the illegal use of remembranes have been reported outside the scope of judicial investigation, but have never been substantiated or confirmed by an independent source.

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