Type: Neo-Paris history
Subject: Weapons delegalization
Chapter: Episode 2: Macrowave
Can be found: Once you’ve walked through the doors to St Michel move past the water fountain and take the first right, then walk down a set of stairs, before you can move down the next set turn to the right and the collectable is in the alcove next to the stairs you just walked down.
Transcript: In spring 2056 the Neo-Paris government passed a resolution to ban the carrying of firearms in the city, including the law and order forces. Dubbed "The Law of the Stone Age" by critics, it was designed to quell the fears of a population traumatized by the massacres during the civil war. The full version of the ruling is set out below:

Decree no. 56-124 of May 9, 2056 prohibiting the carrying of military equipment and firearms:

Article 1 A list of military equipment and firearms governed by this decree: - Semi-automatic or repeating firearms. - Automatic pistols, machine pistols and automatic rifles of all calibers. - Guns, howitzers and mortars of all calibers. - Flame-throwers and al projection equipment used for chemical warfare or incendiary purposes. - Weapons with laser destruction capabilities. - Guns used in slaughterhouses, shotguns, hunting firearms, carabiners, rifles, and canardière machine guns of all calibers, semi-automatic or repeating weapons with one or several smooth bore barrels. - Repeating or semi-automatic smooth-bore long guns. - Weapons with gas-propelled or compressed air projectiles that generate muzzle energy of over 10 Joules.

Article 2 The acquisition, storage, carrying, transportation and retention of military equipment and firearms is prohibited. This ban applies globally to civilians and public and private officials responsible for police services or organizations of repression.

Article 2a (amended decree of October 6, 2069) The following are not governed by Article 2, provided they are neither handled nor placed on public display. - "Historic" or "antique" weapons as defined in the ruling of September 17, 2069. - "Ceremonial" weapons that form part of an official uniform as defined in the ruling of October 5, 2069.

Article 3 Any person in possession of a weapon or ranged weapon element will be neutralized by any means necessary, including the use of automated devices or surveillance drones that are beyond the scope of prohibition in this decree.

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