Railroad Tracks

The water tower next to the railroad.

The Railroad is a location in Arcadia Bay.[1]


The train using the railroad system in the Arcadia Bay travels past the junkyard. Presumably one of Arcadia Bay's primary means of transporting passengers and goods, the train traveling is often seen transporting timber from trees duct down.[1] The railroad's tracks beyond the junkyard extend as far and beyond as the water tower and the small building situated next to.

Events of Life Is Strange

Following Max Caulfield and Chloe Price's encounter with Frank Bowers, Max and Chloe decide to walk on the train tracks. While they're there, Chloe explains her relationship to Frank as her dealer. They also discuss Rachel Amber.[1]

When Chloe's foot becomes stuck in the tracks they were laying on, Max worked to get her free before the train arrived and killed her. Using the surrounding environment, Max acquires the likes of pliers, a crowbar and axe to use to temporarily manipulate the tracks, or permanently dislodge them by removing the block beneath an oil drum.[1]





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