Arcadia Bay News (Ep4)-02

Max laments the fact that Rachel Amber remains missing despite her alteration of the timeline.

When Max Caulfield traveled back in time to change the fate of Chloe Price's father, William, she created a alternate timeline where he was never killed. However, Rachel Amber’s fate remained seemingly unchanged.

"Dark Room"

While exploring Chloe's home, Max discovers a newspaper that reveals little has changed about Rachel Amber’s life in Arcadia Bay. The Rachel Amber of the alternate timeline still attended Blackwell Academy and was one of the school’s honor students. She similarly went missing April 23, 2013, six months from October 10, 2013.

However, with the survival of William Price, she never met Chloe and presumably, never met Frank Bowers. Instead of nonchalance, Rachel’s friends and family proactively searched for their missing friend and daughter. Her missing status was highlighted on a reality television show called "Where Are They Now?" However, with few leads and little news on her whereabouts, Rachel’s family resorted to offering a reward to anyone who could provide information that would lead the authorities to her. A website or e-mail, Help@FindRachelAmber.orh was set up to aid in the search.

During a walk on the Arcadia Bay Beach, Chloe mentions that she was fortunate enough to have not gone missing “like the girl from Blackwell”. If Max asks when Chloe spoke to Rachel last, Chloe tells her that neither of them had ever spoken and it was the first she had ever heard her mentioned by name.

Max learns nothing new speaking with William about Rachel. He pities her and acknowledges that her absence was likely a nightmare for her family, especially when he thinks about losing Chloe to her disability.

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