Leaper Prowler 02
Types Leaper[1]
HP 200
PMP Gain 100
Overload[2] No
Pressen Hits[3] None
Regen Pressen[4] 1.0
Sensen Fury[5] No
Sensen DOS[6] Yes
Basic Attacks Claw attack
Special Attacks Wall Attack
Affiliation Johnny Greenteeth
Locations Slum 404, La Bastille
Appearances Antoine's Journal[7]

"Listen! Johnny is crying!"
—Prowler to another Leaper[8]

Prowlers are a common Leaper enemy-type encountered in Remember Me.


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Prowlers are among the most common types of Leaper that Nilin will fight throughout the game. Prowlers are at their strongest when attacking in groups, so the smartest move the player can make is use Sensen DOS or Spammer attacks whenever they surround Nilin. Spammer and Junk Bolt attacks are particularly useful when Prowlers take to the walls and attempt to attack from above.





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