Procedural Mastering Power (or PMP) is a gameplay element in Remember Me.


As the player progresses, Nilin can gain Procedural Mastering Power through combat. Hitting particular thresholds will allow her to level up and grant her access to new keys. The keys are what the player can use to unlock new basic Pressens for her combos. There are a total of twenty two Pressens Nilin can use.

Out of the twenty two, she gain fifteen of them with PMPs. Others gradually become available as the player progresses in the game. Using mixed-Pressen attacks against weaker enemy types to ensure they survive long enough, can gain the player a PMP bonus.

PMP Progression

Pressen Description
PMP01 1,100: unlock Power Punch 3/3

2,000: unlock Power Kick 1/3 and Heal Kick 2/3

PMP03 4,000: unlock Cooldown Kick 1/3
PMP04 7,000: unlock Cooldown Punch 2/3
PMP05 10,000 ... unlock Heal Punch 2/3
PMP06 14,000: unlock Cooldown Kick 2/3
PMP07 18,000: unlock Power Kick 2/3 (and Cooldown Kick 3/3)
PMP08 23,000: unlock Heal Punch 3/3
PMP09 28,000: unlock Chain Punch 1/2
PMP10 33,000: unlock Heal Kick 3/3
PMP11 38,000: unlock Chain Punch 2/2
PMP12 43,000: unlock Cooldown Punch 3/3
PMP13 48,000: unlock Power Kick 3/3
PMP14 53,000: unlock Chain Kick 2/2