Prison Enforcer
Prison Enforcer
Types Standard
HP 600 (standard), 700 (heavy)
PMP Gain 100 (standard, heavy)
Overload[1] Yes
Pressen Hits[2] 5 (standard, heavy)
Regen Pressen[3] 1.0 (standard, heavy)
Ring Out Yes (standard, heavy)
Sensen Fury[4] Yes (80% damage)
Sensen DOS[5] Yes (standard, heavy)
Basic Attacks Tonfa Attack (20% damage, standard)
Special Attacks Brain lock (standard, heavy), Spartan Attack (heavy)
Affiliation Memorize
Locations Mid-Paris
Appearances Remember Me, Episode 4: Panoptic Icon

The Prison Enforcer is a uncommon S.A.B.R.E. Force enemy-type in Remember Me.


Main article: S.A.B.R.E. Force

Prison Enforcers have been specific trained to protect the La Bastille Fortress. They operate under the command of Astrid Voorhees (Madame).[6]


Prison Enforcer

Prison Enforcers are marginally stronger than their standard or heavy Enforcer counterparts. Their special attack, "Brain Lock", allows them to grab Nilin from behind and steal her Focus points from her Senwall.[6] Additionally, their Brain Lock attack will force Nilin's S-Pressens into a 90 second regeneration. Despite this incentive for caution, not unlike the standard Enforcer, the Prison Enforcers can be defeated using similar tactics against them.[6]

Use a mix of Cooldown and Power Pressens to reduce the rengen wait. To prevent Prison Enforcers from using their Brain Lock, remain vigilant and prevent them from flanking you from the sides or from behind. Never stand still for too long.[6]

Heavy Prison Enforcer

Similar to the Heavy Enforcers, the Heavy Prison Enforcer attack in groups using their 3C Shields and the Spartan Attack, which can severely damage Nilin depending on the level difficulty the player is using. Heavy Prison Enforcers, however, have a greater percentage of health than the standard Heavy Enforcer. The player's greatest advantage will be to destroy the 3C Shields as quickly as possible and avoid their Brain Lock attacks.[6]




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