Princpal Wells Entry

Principal Wells Introduction page.

Principal is the introduction entry for Ray Wells, presented in Max's Journal. The entry is unlocked after meeting Principal Wells in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

Principal Wells

I can’t figure out where Principal Wells is coming from. For some reason, he seems to be suspicious of me at all times. Who knew I was that much trouble? He wanted to know why I was zoning out in the halls. I stuttered like a fool. He has so much power over my scholarship I get uber-nervous around him. I’ve seen him laughing with other teachers and students, so I know he must have a problem with me.

He also seems a little stressed out. I would be too if I had to oversee Blackwell and all its drama. I thought I smelled alcohol on his breath but that could have been his cologne. Right? But I remember my first meeting in his office and he was so nice and made me feel like I was becoming part of a special world.

He said he hoped I would become a great photographer and someday return the favor to Blackwell. I thought that was a bit of wishful thinking, but it made me feel good. I just need to lay low around him. Until I can somehow gain his trust.


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