Type: Memorize and the Sensen
Subject: Charles Cartier-Wells
Chapter: Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Can be found: Shortly after Scaramech 4, you will be contacted by Headache Tommy, after this you will move down a metal staircase. At the bottom of this staircase look round to your left and move down the passageway next to the staircase. The collectable is on a table at the end of this passageway.
Transcript: In April 2064, Charles Cartier-Wells successfully digitized a memory. A precocious genius versed in eastern and western philosophies, the son of Antoine Cartier-Wells dreamed of completing and advancing the work of his father. He would discover the secret of encoding the human memory and create the first digital memoriel network, thus launching humanity into a new golden age.

In 2052, the year the Memorize HQ transferred from Delhi to Neo-Paris, the 16 year-old Charles Cartier-Wells became the youngest director of research in this multinational. Continuing the work of his father, the ambitious prodigy of the Cartier-Wells dynasty was driven in his desire to find the key to human memory.

Raised in India into a family of European origin, Charles Cartier-Wells was also steeped in Aristotelian, Cartesian, and systemic philosophies along with many ideas from Indian philosophy such as an enlightenment (Bhuddi) or the "I, the created thing" (ahamkāra). Charles formulated a highly personal vision of memory due to his constant movement between these very different concepts, which he viewed as a journey ("memory pathways") that served to both suppress and enlighten.

Charles Cariter-Wells used these influences to write a mathematical model for memory pathways until, in 2063, he achieved a level of functionality and operational stability that was sufficiently economical to be specified and integrated into a Sensen chip. On April 6, 2064 Charles performed the first digital cloning of one of his own memories using the sensation engine technology he had perfected five years earlier.

Several days later and high on creative energy, Charles Cartier-Wells re-launched the Sensen experimental protocol. He connected the minds of 20 members of his team and ran his new memoriel digitization program, thus creating the first ever prototype of the memoriel network.

He called the network "Humanity 3.0" or "H3O" to honor the ideals and work of his father.

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