The Pandora Archive is an underground information repository created by Memorize.[1][2] It appears in the digital novella Remember Me: The Pandora Archive.


The beginnings of the the Pandora Archive are muddled. As rumors about its existence circulated to the point where what fact or myth accumulated could not be told apart. As a result, the Pandora Archive became a literal urban myth in a revitalized Neo-Paris, which worked to the advantage of the Memorize Corporation.[1][2]

According to what is known about the Pandora Archive, it serves a major information bank for all information accumulated by Memorize using the Sensation Engine or otherwise noted. It one many crucial parts of their business's functionality and control.[1][2]

The design of the Pandora Archive, located within the abandoned Chapelle de la Braunt, is that of a vault. A huge and dark, with great banks of equipment towering over and on either side of its interior structure. The equipment, used to store memories, was designed and likened to "sheer cliff face" that appeared to extend beyond sight. As the Pandora Archive functions within the Chapelle de la Braunt, it appears to be connected to the medical room later discovered by ex-bounty hunter-turned Errorist, Trix Dallaire and hacker Headcrash Logan.[1][2]

Memory hunter Nilin Cartier-Wells and the Architect speculated that if the Pandora Archive were destroyed, Memorize would be weakened enough that they would not be able to withstand another counter offensive from the likes of those out to rid Neo-Paris of its influence.[1][2]


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