Remember Me Weapons
Sensen Overload
Wielder Nilin Cartier-Wells
Weapon Stats
Unlocked Episode 2: Macrowave during the first fight with S.A.B.R.E. Force Elite Enforcers
Game Remember Me (video game)

Overload is a Focus-based attack used by Nilin Cartier-Wells. By forcing an enormous amount of memory information into an enemy's mind through their Sensen, Nilin incapacitates them.


Overload is a powerful finishing move. Enemies that have been attacked with a number of Power Pressens become vulnerable to Overload for a short period of time. Vulnerable enemies will bend over or stumble and a prompt to "Overload" them will appear. Nilin has a limited period time to overload a staggered enemy. Overload will interrupting Nilin's current combo but also make her invincible during the animation.

Finishing an enemy with Overload provides Nilin with more Focus than a normal Combo.

In boss fights, such as against Kid X-Mas, a Zorn or Johnny Greenteeth, a quick-time event has to be completed by pressing the buttons appearing on screen before the Overload is successful.


It is unknown whether a Memory Overload is lethal or not.

Overload works on inorganic enemies; Zorn robots can be shut down through an overload.


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