Type: Neo-Paris VIPs
Subject: Olga Sedova, David Sedova
Chapter: Episode 6: Rotten Core
Can be found: In the bottom of the sanitation pit, at the end of the corridor opposite Bad Request
Transcript: A bounty hunter specializing in tracking down dangerous criminals, Olga Sedova is undoubtedly among the elite of the profession. She and her husband David are the most famous trackers in Neo-Paris.

Originally from the Ukraine, Olga Sedova rose to prominence as a bounty in the duo she formed with her husband David. They met during the turbulent years of the reconstruction of Neo-Paris, which resulted in the privatization of bounty hunters who pledged to enforce the rulings of the justice system. She suggested to they combine their expertise, and the pair proved to be a notoriously effective partnership. Reputed for their efficiency and ruthlessness, the duo’s golden age was the great Errorist hunt 2082. They arrested 37 Errorists; an achievement that earned them the “Dead or Alive” award same year.

But a shadow looms over the Sedova couple’s impressive tally; rumors of persist that David is afflicted with memoriel disturbance. He ever concealed the addiction he developed in his early tracking years when he implanted the memories of his targets into his mind to understand them better and locate them more efficiently. He has withdrawn from view in recent months, leaving Olga to arrest fugitive criminals alone; an activity she continues to pursue with ferocious zeal.

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