Type: Neo-Paris VIPs
Subject: Nilin
Chapter: Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Can be found: Beneath the blue tarp, to the right of the first locking bar.
Transcript: About 25 years old, Nilin is the most famous and infamous criminal in Neo-Paris.

Almost nothing is known about the Errorist known as Nilin; even her date and birth are shrouded in mystery to such an extent that is rumored she herself wiped any memories and information that would point to her true identity. However, it’s fairly certain that she gained a solid reputation as a Memory Hunter before joining the Errorist movement. Several testimonies from former memory criminals, including the notorious Kid X-Mas, say she had a lucrative career as a Memory thief in Slum 404 from 2078. She probably met Edge there, joined the Errorist movement, and was one of their most active and deadly agents until her arrest in spring 2084. “Can I just say ‘respect’,” Said Kid X-Mas, “This chick really knows how to use a hunt glove. It’s a shame she’s wasting her talents on a futile cause.”

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