This article is about the alternate timeline's Nathan. You may be looking for the original time's Nathan Prescott.

Nathan Prescott (Alternate)
Nathan Prescott Alternate
Biographical Information
Name Nathan Prescott (Alternate)
Real Name
Full Name Nathan Joshua Prescott
Nicknames Nate[1]
Known Aliases Rott[2]
Born August 29[3], 1994[4]
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Cause of Death
Age 19[4]
Family Sean Prescott (father)
Kristine Prescott (sister)
Citizenship American
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Career Information
Affiliations Vortex Club member
Occupation(s) Student at Blackwell Academy
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance "Episode 3: Chaos Theory"
Last Appearance "Episode 4: Dark Room"
Voice Actors Nik Shriner[5]
Motion Capture

Nathan Joshua Prescott is the alternate counterpart of the original Nathan Prescott. He was created when the original Max Caulfield traveled back in time to 2008 and prevented the death of William Price, which resulted in a divergence from the original timeline. [3] While still a member of the Vortex Club, Nathan is a close friend of Maxine Caulfield, an aspiring photographer[2] because the circumstance of the original Timeline never came to pass.

Early Life

Like his friend, Victoria Chase, Nathan's upbringing and family is presumably little different from that of the original Nathan Prescott. As a student attending Blackwell Academy, Nathan pursed a career in photography. However, unlike his original counterpart, Nathan befriended Maxine Caulfield, a fellow photographer. Nathan remained a central member of the Vortex Club and agreed with allowing Maxine to join their group, despite argument from Courtney Wagner, who presumably didn’t like Maxine.[3]

On September 21, 2013, Nathan celebrated with Victoria on Maxine's eighteenth birthday. The two bought her a fashionable straw hat after helping her with her wardrobe.[6] On October 2, 2013, Nathan contacted Maxine and invited her to join him and the others at the Two Whales Diner. Maxine declined, explaining that she was preoccupied with trying to get her photographs developed for the Everyday Heroes Contest. Understanding her commitment, Nathan told Maxine that he would speak with her later.

Events of Life Is Strange

Nathan is speaking with Logan Robertson and Zachary Riggins when the Max Caulfield of the original timeline "possessed" the mind of his friend, Maxine. Nathan's only outward change is the color his jacket, which has gone from red to blue.[3] After speaking with Victoria, Maxine gets up and leaves the circle of Vortex Club members. Following her departure, Nathan and the rest of the inhabitants of the alternate timeline are erased when Max restores the events of the original timeline that allowed William Price to die in a car accident.[2]