Nathan Entry

Nathan's Introduction page.

Nathan is the introduction entry for Nathan Prescott, presented in Max's Journal. The entry is unlocked after meeting Nathan in "Episode 1: Chrysalis".[1]

Nathan Prescott

Just when I thought Victoria Chase would be the worst of my social problems, now I have to deal with Nathan Prescott. But I guess he was the one who triggered my crazy rewind power by shooting that girl in the bathroom. He’s 19 and already a scary fucking prick.

I guess I have a little advantage on Nathan by being able to manipulate time, but if he shoots me, I may not be able to reverse anything. I have to be careful around him, especially since he’s obviously got friends in high places as his family last name is practically branded on every building here at Blackwell. His money against mine.

On one hand, I do kinda feel bad for Nathan because he doesn’t seem to be in control, like he’s doped up or over medicated. On the other, he’s an asshole who nobody has called out. And he almost (/did kill?) a girl on campus. Should I go straight to the police? What do I say about my rewind power? Like I’d say anything. I just have to watch my own back from now on. Oh, school days!


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