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Music From Before The Storm
Music From Before The Storm (Cover)
Composed by
Published by
Date Released
September 1, 2017[1]
Media Type
47 minutes

Music From Before The Storm is the official release of the original soundtrack for the Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, developed by Deck Nine Games. Released September 1, 2017 in North America by Glasnote Records, Music From Before The Storm features original compositions by Daughter and is available as a digital download purchase.



Daughter was approached by Deck Nine Games to write the score for Before The Storm. The original score for Before The Storm was written on a short timetable. Singer and songwriter Elena Tonra expressed feeling "under-qualified" to compose the score because the writing process for their studio albums allowed them years to write and prepare. With a short amount of time, Tonra and co-writer, Igor Haefeli, relied on instinctual writing and drew inspiration from the protagonist of the game, Chloe Price, in order for the score to fit with the script and the game during its development.[2][3]

Composition work for the game started in the "first half of 2017" and was long-distance collaboration process. Writing and recording was a "non-stop" process that took place inside a rented studio space. The band's drummer, Remi Aguilella, recorded his segments separately from Tonra and Maefeli in Portland, Oregon in his home.[2][3]

Tonra complimented the game's realism, and called the process of writing the score from Chloe's perspective "an unexpectedly therapeutic experience" that complimented that her own personal experiences as a teenager and the people absent from her life.[2][3]


August 8, 2017, the official Life Is Strange blog on announced that Daughter would be responsible for the original score featured in Before The Storm.[1][4]

The official soundtrack score for the game was announced for a September 1st, 2017 release, and was made available for pre-order the day of its announcement.[5] The soundtrack was previewed with "Burn It Down", on Daughter's official YouTube account[6] and Spotify[7] The same day, the official tracklisting for the score was later revealed.[8]

Official Tracklisting

# Title Composer Length
1 "Glass" Daughter 4:16
2 "Burn It Down" Daughter 3:12
3 "Flaws" Daughter 2:53
4 "Hope" Daughter 4:23
5 "The Right Way Around" Daughter 2:41
6 "Witches" Daughter 3:06
7 "Departure" Daughter 4:16
8 "All I Wanted" Daughter 3:22
9 "I Can’t Live Here Anymore" Daughter 5:39
10 "Dreams Of William" Daughter 4:20
11 "Improve" Daughter 2:02
12 "Voices" Daughter 2:10
13 "A Hole In The Earth" Daughter 4:42


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