Nilin wanders the burning ruins of the Neo-Paris Metro.

The Neo-Paris Metro[1] is a major location in Remember Me.


Metro was once a location and mode of transportation in Paris. Prior to the war, the metro was often used by the populace of Paris to move from one place to another. The metro was unlike any other mode of underground transportation. When the war broke out in Europe, the Metro was subsequently abandoned 2060 after the bombings. The following floods and structural damages to what would later become known as Deep-Pairs, made reacessing the Metro an impossibility.[1]

Events of Remember Me

In the search for Johnny Greenteeth, Nilin Cartier-Wells ventured down into the Metro and climbed aboard a train that was relatively untouched by the surrounding cataclysm.[2] Immediately afterward she discovered Greenteeth at the end of a compartment. He appeared as a normal human being for a brief moment before dropping the ruse and revealing his Leaper appearance. Greenteeth activated the train and the subway Nilin's fight with the Leapers resulted in its crash and subsequent explosion. Perky Maggie would later report the train's reactivation and question whether or not the Errorists were the cause of the train's destruction.[1][2]


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