Type: Neo-Paris Landmarks
Subject: The Mériphérique
Chapter: Episode 7: Paradise Lost
Can be found: The desk manned by a Valet Robot in the security post room Captain Trace ends up in.
Transcript: Encircling the entire city, the Mériphérique is the most imposing public work in Neo-Paris, and sadly the only one that refugees and illegal immigrants swarming to the city from the sea and other countries will ever see.

The construction of the Mériphérique was the largest public undertaking in the "Phoenix" reconstruction project as conceived by the architect Kaori Sheridan. Its proportions reflect the image of a city born again: immense! The Mériphérique is a massive hexagonal embankment around the city of Neo-Paris, 70 meters high and 50 meters wide and bordered by two slightly convex, reinforced concrete walls that serve to retain huge volumes of water. It is built on the foundations of ancient fortifications that demarcated and protected Paris in the 19th century.

Entrance into the structure is via three gigantic locks that control the inbound and outbound traffic of goods and humans.

The Mériphérique was originally designed to protect the city from flooding, rainwater and the devastating effects of storms, which had become a yearly occurrence since the late 2030s. It was also designed to manage the water levels inside Neo-Paris itself, forming a containment reservoir for the water courses and rainwater draining out of the city. After it was built, the Mériphérique proved extremely effective at controlling and limiting these flows of water. With the increased influx of climate refugees, illegal immigrants and desperate souls attracted to the bright lights and riches of the new Neo-Paris, controlling people would soon take precedence over controlling the water.

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