Type: Neo-Paris landmarks
Subject: Memorize HQ
Chapter: Episode 5: Headshot
Can be found: The second time that Captain Trace shoots at Nilin (while on the rooftops) there will be a section where you jump in among some scaffolding and then the floor is shot out beneath you causing you to fall to the lower level, the second you hit the ground turn backwards and run to the back of this area the collectable is on the floor here.
Transcript: Dominating the Saint-Michel district, the Memorize head office is the policy center of this multinational where decisions are made on the company's development and implementation strategies, technological future and commercial orientation.

Located in the center of the Saint-Michel comfortress, the Memorize HQ occupies the company's main tower overlooking the chic Saint-Michel quarter with its massive glass dome. This tower is an icon; a symbol of innovation and prosperity, and many Neo-Parisians are justifiably proud of the Memorize tower.

From certain old, narrow streets, you can clearly see the famous company slogan from a distance, lighting the city up with its promise: "Trust us, we won't forget you".

It is here, on the top floors of the Memorize HQ, that Scylla Cartier-Wells continues the work of her father-in-law, the company founder, Antoine Cartier-Wells, shaping the company's destiny with a rod of iron, providing billions of Sensen users with a constantly renewable source of imagination and creativity.

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