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Life Is Strange Gameplay
Max's Journal
Max's journal sits on the table to the right of her during Mark Jefferson's class
Max's Journal
Wielder Max Caulfield[1]
Maxine Caulfield (alternate timeline)[2]
Out of Universe Information
Game Life Is Strange
"If anybody else looked at this, what would they think?"
—Max Caulfield[1]

"Max's Journal" is a personal account of Max Caulfield's thoughts and opinions on events and characters that appear throughout Life Is Strange. All text presented is written as presented in the in-game journal and likely contain alternate entries depending on the choices of the player.

List of Journal Entries

Pre-Game Events

"Episode 1: Chrysalis"

"Out of Time"

"Chaos Theory"

"Dark Room"


Alternate Timeline Entries

Character Entries

Journal Profiles

Key characters of Life Is Strange are introduced between in "Chrysalis" and "Out of Time".

Character entries in Max's Journal are brief overviews of key characters introduced throughout Life Is Strange. Max will write a short entry on each character after meeting them. New entries are marked with stars in the upper left corner of the photograph accompanying their biography.


"Out of Time"


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