Man Profile
Biographical Information
Name Man
Real Name
Full Name
Nicknames Man[1]
Known Aliases
Born  ???,
Arcadia Bay, Oregon
Cause of Death
Citizenship American
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Career Information
Occupation(s) Fisherman, Captain of the Bali Hai
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance "Episode 2: Out of Time"[1]
Last Appearance
Voice Actors Don McManus (unconfirmed)
Motion Capture

The Man[1] is a resident of Arcadia Bay.


"Out of Time"

Max Caulfield approaches the man after reading the headline of the Independent that reported the bizarre snow fall that occurred October 7, 2013. Hesitantly she speaks to the man and he responds with irritation on the town’s focus of attention. Angry, he cannot believe that the newspapers are focusing on the snowfall instead of acknowledging the fact that the “world is on fire”. He makes a sarcastic jab at the snow headline, stating that the newspaper will report on clouds next as its big story.

Max asks how long the man has lived in Arcadia Bay and he responds long enough to know that the town will eventually become abandoned in a few years. Max, however, has read that Arcadia Bay is doing well financially. The man remarks that the paper is too preoccupied with Arcadia Bay’s financial stability and the fact that there are missing girls. Max inquires if the man was talking about Rachel Amber and the man answers in the affirmative. The man speculates Rachel Amber left because she was bored in Arcadia Bay, something he doesn’t blame her for.


"Out of Time"


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