Life Is Strange Gameplay
Lisa the Plant
Max waters her plant Lisa
Lisa the Plant
Wielder Max Caulfield
Out of Universe Information
Game Life Is Strange

Lisa is a minor gameplay element in Life Is Strange.


Lisa is Max Caulfield's indoor plant at Blackwell Academy.[1] When Max enters her her room, the player can approach the plant sitting on the left side of the room nearest to the window. The player has the option to water or not water the plant. The following day, the actions of the player will be immediately visible. Lisa will be visibly wilted if the player chose not to water the plant.[2] If the player either watered Lisa twice or didn't water her at all, she will be dead in Episode 3.[3]


  • When Max waters Lisa, she says, “Drink up… it’s got electrolytes”. The quote is a reference to the film Idiocracy.
  • During April Fool's, the Square Enix blog advertised a Lisa plant as official Life Is Strange merchandise.[4]





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