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"Life Is Strange Season 2"
Life Is Strange (Season 2)
Developer(s)DONTNOD Entertainment
Publisher(s)Square Enix
Distributor(s)Square Enix
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Release date(s)TBA
Genre(s)Adventure Game
Mode(s)Single Player
RequirementsWindows 8.1(minimum)
Windows 10 (required)
Previous game (release)Life Is Strange: Before The Storm
Previous game (canon)Life Strange (Season 1)

"Life Is Strange Season 2" is an upcoming adventure game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. "Life Is Strange Season 2" will reportedly be an original story, with no relation to the events in Life Is Strange or Before The Storm. "Life Is Strange Season 2" is currently in development, pending release for the PlayStation 4, XBox One and the PC via Steam and other online retail sites for PC Gaming.


Official Description

"If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already heard or watched the news… we reached over 3 million unique paying players! It’s an incredible achievement and one we could not have reached without you, our fantastic community! You helped spread positive words about our game and have continually kept the world interested in what happens next. We also revealed a key piece of information that many of you have been waiting some time for now - we can indeed confirm that the original Life is Strange team at DONTNOD are working on a brand new Life is Strange game. We can’t wait to tell you all about it when the time is right, but for now we are hard at work ensuring it is the very best game we can create. We’re really thankful for your patience thus far and ask for a bit more time. The new game will not be at E3 in June this year but we will be watching the show alongside you all and wish everyone good luck!"
—Square Enix[1]










During Life Is Strange Release

During an interview with Polygon during E3 2015, when asked ifLife Is Strange would receive a second season, producer, Luc Baghadoust expressed an interest in continuing the episodic series with a "second season". “We would love to have the opportunity to do another season,” Baghadoust said.[2]

“We’re working so hard to finish Episodes 4 and 5. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of stress. We have a limit of time to put out each episode. We want to stick to the eight week release between each episode as much as we can.” Whether or not the series would continue onward with a second season was not dependent on the ending of the "first season", as the story of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price was "narratively complete".[2]

Co-game director and art director Michel Koch stated that if a second season did come about, it would feature a new cast, similar to that of series like True Detective and American Horror Story. “We can really go with other characters, other locations, but still keep the identity of the game, the themes of the game,” he said.[2]


Main article: Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

February 2017, rumors began to circulate that DONTNOD Entertainment was working on a second season of Life Is Strange.[3] The information was taken from a German website,[4], that speculated that sectioned off parts of the DONTNOD Entertainment offices during a tour suggested that other projects besides VAMPYR were being worked on.[3][4]

May 18, DONTNOD Entertainment officially announced that the season season of Life Is Strange was under development on their official twitter, tumbleblog and the official Square Enix blog.[1][5][6] The "second season" has been in production under the "Life Is Strange Team" since before the release of the Limited Edition physical release of the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 19, 2016.[7]

A month later, rumors of "prequel to Life Is Strange" were circulated across major gaming news sites. Life Is Strange publisher, Square Enix, later clarified that the second season was unrelated to the prequel, being developed by Deck Nine Games, and was one of two projects related to the Life Is Strange licence that were under development.

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Critical Reception

For a individual breakdown of scores for each episode, visit the "Episode Guide" for the game.

As "Life Is Strange Season 2" is an episodic game, an overall an comprehensive consensus of the game may not reached or aggregated until long after the game's release. As such, this subsection of the article will be updated as and when.










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